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megatarkus replied to your post “so i hung out with one of my close friend’s husband finally, after all…”

Hah! Deep down in your heart though, you knew that about the guy before you even met him. “Oh, she got married? I wonder how big of a white supremacist the guy is” If you see him again you should get him to emote about border security and immigrants

well shit, i forgot that some people i know irl actually follow me. whoops.
idk, man, with some people you never really know they’re crazy until they actually snap.


I broke 2000 followers last night! As of right now I have 2008 followers. Hi to all of you new people! Thanks go to all of you that have ever taken the time to follow me, hit the like button, and reblog something I’ve posted.

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AW YEAH! follow this man. he is lovely, and obviously super talented. also the other people he mentioned are all really cool, too!

congratulations, bro! you deserve it.